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EAD Card borrowers Home Loan

We at Dream Home Mortgage offer home loan programs to buyers having a valid EAD Card. If you have a stable job and excellent credit we can find you a loan with lowest possible rates.

Please review the application with the mortgage broker and make sure you DO NOT put any wrong info on the application regarding the status. Choose a credible agent / lender / to avoid any unforeseen problems. It’s best to disclose everything to the lenders regarding your immigration status.

What is a EAD Card?

EAD Card is the document (Form I-688, Form I-688B, Form I-766 issued by USCIS) that proves as evidence that the holder is authorized to work in United States. At Dream Home Mortgage, everyone must be able to become a homeowner. That’s why we’ve designed special mortgage options for those who can prove their eligibility for work in the United States using an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card. We can get you the best rates on a house loan and set you on the path to homeownership with confidence if you have a steady income and good credit.

Understanding the EAD Card

Let’s define an EAD Card before we get into the specifics of our home loan programs for those with EAD Cards. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues the Employment Authorization Document (EAD Card) (USCIS). This document attests to the cardholder’s legal right to work in the United States. Form I-688, Form I-688B, and Form I-766 are only a few examples of the EAD Card’s many iterations.

Home Loan Programs for EAD Card Borrowers

We at Dream Home Mortgage know the special requirements and possible difficulties of EAD Card applicants. Our mission is to remove these roadblocks so you can buy your dream house. Here’s a rundown of the many types of mortgage loans we provide that are designed with EAD Card holders in mind:

Competitive Rates

Getting a mortgage with the lowest feasible interest rate is a top priority, and we get that. Our professional loan officers will search the market extensively for the lowest possible interest rates and provide them to you. By tapping into our vast network of lenders, we guarantee you will be approved for a loan with terms that work for your budget.

Flexible Loan Options

We provide a variety of lending programs to meet the requirements of EAD Card holders, including conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans. Our loan professionals will assist you in narrowing down the available loan options to one that best fits your needs.


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Stable Employment Consideration

A steady job is essential to prove your capacity to repay the home loan as an EAD Card borrower. Your capacity to repay a home loan is contingent upon our evaluation of your employment history and stability. We will work with you closely to guarantee a streamlined application process since our staff is well-versed in job verification for EAD Card holders.

Excellent Credit Assessment

A solid credit history is crucial to being approved for a loan at reasonable rates. Your whole credit profile will be reviewed, including payment history, credit use, and creditworthiness. Our mission is to assist you in taking full advantage of your stellar credit rating by securing the most competitive interest rates and conditions possible for your loan.

Transparency and Disclosure

At Dream Home Mortgage, we value honesty and openness with our borrowers above anything else. Your honesty and thoroughness in answering our loan application questions are much appreciated, and this is especially true about your immigration status. EAD Card borrowers must engage with a trustworthy real estate agent, lender, or mortgage broker who understands the nuances of EAD Card home loans. If you hire a pro, you can be certain that your application will be handled honestly and precisely and follow all applicable laws and rules.

Your Path to Homeownership

Dream Home Mortgage supports EAD Card holders throughout the home financing process. We believe in making the American dream of homeownership accessible to everyone, irrespective of immigration status. Our lending options, competitive interest rates, and exceptional services are tailored to help you become a homeowner. Contact us now to take the first step toward your dream home. Our experienced mortgage experts will guide you, get you approved, and be your trusted companion on this exciting journey.

Benefits of Home Loan Programs for EAD Card Borrowers

We make homeownership accessible to EAD Card holders with tailored lending options and favorable interest rates. Owning a home allows you to build equity and enjoy financial rewards. With our home loan packages, you can achieve permanence, safety, and community. There are potential tax benefits, such as mortgage interest and property tax deductions. Contact us to learn more about our home lending programs and start your journey toward owning a property.

Importance of Accurate Disclosure:

EAD Card borrowers must tell the truth about their immigration status when applying for a mortgage. Why it's so important to be upfront:

Compliance with Regulations:

Lenders must verify immigration status to avoid legal issues. Providing false information may lead to severe penalties and loan rejection. Honesty about your immigration status streamlines the loan process and improves your chances of approval.

Eligibility Assessment:

Complete information enables lenders to evaluate your qualifications accurately, aiding in selecting the best loan program for you. Transparent disclosure benefits both parties, facilitating a more efficient loan evaluation.

Trust and Credibility:

Openness about your immigration status builds trust with lenders, increasing the likelihood of favorable mortgage rates and terms. Honest communication fosters positive relationships with potential lending institutions.