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2% Cash Back and 1% Preowned Homes

During this difficult times we want to assist our buyers by offering them our part of commission. If it’s a newly build home and we will pay our clients 2% cash back and 1% on pre owned home. Dream Home Mortgage is dedicated to helping customers in these trying times by providing special incentives. We value house ownership highly and want to help our purchasers by offering a cash-back incentive. Our unique program provides a 2% rebate on brand-new construction and a 1% rebate on used properties.

Understanding the Cash Back Program

Dream Home Mortgage’s cash-back program aims to return some of our commission to our loyal customers. This program offers purchasers a 2% cash rebate on newly constructed houses and a 1% rebate on previously held properties. Buyers find this offer appealing since it reduces the out-of-pocket costs of buying a property.

Benefits of the Cash Back Program

Increased Savings:

Buyers may save much money by participating in Dream Home Mortgage's cash-back program. The money they get back may be used towards anything from closing fees to home upgrades to savings.

Financial Flexibility:

Buyers are given more leeway in their budgets because of the program's cash rebates. They may utilize it to improve their overall financial standing or to invest in other chances to help them flourish.

Competitive Advantage:

In the current market climate, the cash-back scheme gives purchasers an edge. With a larger cash reserve, they will be better positioned to bargain for favorable conditions or make more attractive offers to potential customers.

Qualifying for the Cash Back Program:

Buyers must satisfy certain requirements to participate in Dream Home Mortgage's cash-back program. The program is available for brand-new and previously owned properties, with varying cash-back amounts for each.

Newly Built Homes:

Incentives for purchasing brand-new construction include a 2% cash-back rebate. Newly built and under-construction homes are included in this category.

Preowned Homes:

Pre-owned house purchasers may be eligible for a one percent cash rebate. These are properties that new owners have purchased that were previously held by others.



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How the Cash Back Program Works

Buyers can get their money back quickly and easily thanks to Dream Home Mortgage’s streamlined process.
Initial Consultation:

To determine if they qualify for the cash-back program, prospective buyers should meet with a loan officer from Dream Home Mortgage for an initial consultation.

Home Search and Purchase:

With the help of their agent, homebuyers may now begin the hunt for their dream residence. When they locate a home that ticks all their boxes, they may go forward with the purchase.

Loan Processing and Closing:

The loan professionals at Dream Home Mortgage are experts in assisting customers through the loan process, from application to closing. The loan officer will ensure that everything required for processing the loan is gathered and filed on time.

Cash Back Distribution:

Buyers will get a refund equal to a portion of Dream Home Mortgage's commission when the transaction has closed successfully. The rebate will be deposited into the account of the buyer's choice, giving them instant access to their money.

Dream Home Mortgage: Your Partner in Unlocking Cash Back

At Dream Home Mortgage, our dedicated staff helps you achieve homeownership dreams with the cash-back program. Our experts provide one-on-one support during home-buying, ensuring a smooth transaction. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, we help you save costs and make your dream home a reality. Reach out to us now to start your journey.