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Let’s Break up with Renting and Get an H1-B Visa Mortgage

March 5, 2024blog0

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Living that American dream and working in the heart of America brought many passionate dreamers to the States to fulfill their dreams. It takes much courage to move from your homeland and move to a new country with minimum or no contacts! They say, “Vision without action is a Daydream!” Dream Home Mortgage values the aspirations of the dreamers who practically went that extra mile and worked hard to transform their lives for good!

The United States has warmly and wholeheartedly welcomed millions of immigrants and tried to create an atmosphere of harmony among diverse cultural groups. Being the flag bearer of equal human rights, the enforced laws ensured everyone got equal opportunities. With more complexities in the immigration process, an H1B Mortgage for non-immigrants working in America served the purpose of hiring skilled foreign staff.

Settle Where Your Dreams Come True!

When you manifest personal growth and goals, nothing can stop you! The Dream Home Mortgage team values your hard work and how far you’ve come along in your journey to becoming self-sufficient! Getting the job of your dreams that gives your career the direction and boost you’ve always wanted is nothing less than a dream. Settle where you work and where your dreams come to life! What’s better than finally securing your dream job? Getting your own Dream Home near your workplace makes your day-to-day affairs seem like a breeze and life much easier and more comfortable!

Gone are the Days of Renting:

Renting can always be a temporary solution, but one should always strive for that warm comfort zone you can call your own! The place where you and your family feel safe and welcomed! Renting in America can be pricey, and in the end, it’s not yours! There are many other restrictions on decorating the space and a whole set of dos and don’ts that always leave your heart yearning for that sense of ownership!

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Dream Home Mortgage® lets you do it all online.

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Take the First Step:

The first step to becoming a homeowner can be scary! The real estate market, mortgage loans, and interest rates can be overwhelming for newbies! Luckily, Dream Home Mortgage knows the ins and outs of the mortgage industry, so you don’t have to! For a smooth Home ownership journey, take the leap of faith and get yourself pre-qualified. With the guidance of the best mortgage consultants, your mortgage process can become hassle-free and yield satisfactory results. With Dream Home Mortgage, gain insights into your interest rates, credit scores, and the prerequisites of taking that first step! Check our First Time Home Buyer Loan Program!

H1B Visa Explained:

Humankind never fails to astonish us with their skills and capabilities! Every part of the world specializes in certain skills, and with harmonious symphony among all countries, it has become rather a norm to work for multinational employers or employers from other regions. The immigration process in different developed countries has always been in high demand for people who would love to settle their families in a space with all the amenities of life, yet the Immigration process is quite complex, and employers are always in need of quick solutions to hire skilled staff that could profitably benefit their organization. To fill this gap, H1B mortgage options were issued to bridge the difference; US employers can hire qualified people from all around the globe with expertise in diverse fields. Usually, the employers help the employees file for this Visa and open the doors to a global exchange of talent and skills!

Perks of H1B Visa Owners:

Your share of perks comes with proper documentation of your services and employment with an H1B Visa! H1B Visa holders in America are allowed to keep their immediate family with them, and the family members also reserve the right to schooling. The Visa will enable you to stay for three years and offer up to three years of extension! Alongside the basic living amenities, H1B Visa can also get you an approved home loan mortgage to make you feel like you belong! If you have the H1B Visa, get your mortgage process started today with Dream Home Mortgage and reclaim your peace of mind with your living space without wasting your hard-earned money on rent.

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Overcome the Challenges of H1B Visa Loan Options:

Although H1B Visa has opened doors for many foreigners and helped them lead a stable life in United States of America, there is another side to the picture. The H1B Visa gives you the right to qualify for a loan and become a homeowner. However, there is a risk element involved for the lenders in this scenario pertaining to the short-term residence or chances of relocation that raises the risk of default payment of a loan. To secure the rights of both parties, the lenders are entitled to a higher amount of down payment and an increased interest rate to save them in case of any possible bad debts. The reluctance of lenders is understandable in this context; therefore, the H1B Mortgage options available are limited.

Why Choose Dream Home Mortgage?

Dream Home Mortgage is licensed in all 50 states and has won over the trust of thousands of families procrastinating over the idea of Homeownership. Transparent and clear communication is the key to securing the best option for you, and Dream Home Mortgage is known for its openness to all questions. Hussein Panjwani and his team have rather been the flag bearers guiding the masses about the 411 of the Mortgage Industry through various platforms like FM and Podcasts. Dream Home Mortgage can particularly help the H1B Visa owners secure the best loan options with the lowest interest rates and down payment in this competitive market. If you possess a stellar credit score and a history of timely payments, then immigration isn’t a hurdle in getting your Dream Home Mortgage approved.

Dream Home Mortgage team allows you to choose the loan option that suits you best according to your financial situation and budgeting constraints. With an H1B mortgage, you can secure an FHA Loan with a down payment as low as 3.5%! Dream Home Mortgage is committed to fulfilling your dream, and nothing stands in our way!

Build Credit History and Open Doors to Long-Term Financial Freedom!

While the H1B Visa doesn’t seem like a long-term commitment and has a risk of discontinuation in case of termination of employment, Dream Home Mortgage always suggests its clients look at the bigger picture and possible prospects of a better secure future. The ultimate goal has to be financial freedom, and building a credit history can earn you many advantages in the long run! The amount used over rent payments can increase your net worth and build equity! Dream Home Mortgage paints quite the picture with your family in your favorite neighborhood in a home filled with love and laughter!

Consult your Dream Home Mortgage lender today and get Pre qualification to invest in your future. Find the lowest interest rates that align with your financial plans, and off you go on the path to being the homeowner! Your unique living situation requires a unique customized solution, and Dream Home Mortgage takes pride in guiding you every step of the way till closings, so there’s nothing hidden! When you are ready to invest your money, the Dream Home Mortgage team is excited to invest their time in getting you the best offers!

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