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Welcome to Dream Home A Division Brazos National Bank!

The Dream Home Journey started in October 1998 in Dallas, Texas, fulfilling dreams of becoming a homeowner in the heart of America! Making a home run after successfully operating across 50 states, Dream Home Mortgage and Hussein Panjwani's Team have won over the trust of many families! What sets us apart is the transparent communication with clients! Hussein Panjwani's Talk Show @ 104.9 FM, an Indian Radio Station, has raised awareness among people regarding their loan and financing options. Dream Home Mortgage walks the path alongside you every step, from dreaming it to closing the deals!

We started the mortgage business in October1998 when real estate had started booming in Dallas, Tx. It's been more than 25 years and we have seen many highs and lows of the real estate market. Most of our business comes from referrals from my past clients, radio, print advertisement and social media. Hussein Panjwani does a talk show every Saturday at 3pm @104.9 F.M, a popular Indian Radio Channel.

We are licensed in 50 states and have clients from all over U.S that we cater to. We tailor loans that fit all clients' need. Our excellent team of experts work diligently to provide the best customer service and timely closing.

We understand that the Home Buying decision is the most important decision for a first time home buyer. As anxiety rises, we commit to assist in every aspect, and will hold your hand and take you through the entire process. No questions are wrong! We answer all the questions so you can relax and enjoy this experience.


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The reason for my success is that we are personally involved in all my loans. We work closely with our processors, making sure that all loans are closed in a timely manner and my clients have a stress-free transaction.

The team of experts at Dream Home are always available to answer any questions even after the closings. This way our clients feel confident that we are always behind them, making sure that they get the best possible rates with great customer service.

We have rate lock renegotiation policies that we like to offer all our clients. If rates drop .25% or more after the loan has been locked, we relock our client's loan. And if it has increased, we have already locked them so this way our clients have minimal risk. We are closely watching rates and strive hard to get the lowest possible rates for all our clients. We work with the best lenders in the industry and believe in providing the best bang for their buck.

Dream Home Mortgage family thrives on trust and reliability, ensuring a hassle-free loan-securing process for our customers! All questions are welcome, and Dream Home Mortgage's best consultants are a call away! Locking the interest rates in your best interest, Dream Home Mortgage is proud to have your back in case of rate fluctuations! With a .25% drop in interest rate, we relock client rates to facilitate them; however, it remains unchanged with an increase!

Our office is located in Plano Texas but we do business Nationwide.

We can do a zoom conference with our loan officers Or make an appointment via

You can also call us @ (972) 245-5626 for a free consultation

Licensed in: ALL 50 STATES

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